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Distribution agent is skipping transactions at the subscriber.

Posted by database-wiki on April 11, 2016


ErrorCode = ‘20598’
ErrorText = ‘The row was not found at the Subscriber when applying the replicated command.’


Incorrect steps were followed when setting up subscriber using @sync_type = N’initialize with backup’. As per BOL, this can’t be done using GUI and can only be done using TSQL scripts.

Using TSQL scripts will ensure new commands in the LOG after the backup is taken will be queued in the Distribution DB and Replicated to the Subscriber.


To resolve the issue, Create a new publication and set allow “allow_initialize_from_backup” to true on the Subscription options for the publication properties .

If the backup is used, you should use the TSQL to create the subscription. When executing sp_addsubscription you have to mention the backup file used to restore using @backupdevicename. The Dist agent will then execute a “Restore headeronly” command against the backup and will get the lastLSN from the file. The dist agent will then query the msrepl_transactions from that LSN forward and replicate all the changes to the subscriber.

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