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Network Name Resource failing during SQL 2008/2008 R2 installation.

Posted by database-wiki on July 10, 2012

Cluster network name resource ‘SQL Network Name (SQLPO01)’ failed to create its associated computer object in domain ‘frxntnyc.frx2.com’ for the following reason: Unable to create computer account.

The text for the associated error code is: Access is denied.

Please work with your domain administrator to ensure that: – The cluster identity ‘2008CLUSTER$’ can create computer objects. By default all computer objects are created in the ‘Computers’ container; consult the domain administrator if this location has been changed. – The quota for computer objects has not been reached. – If there is an existing computer object, verify the Cluster Identity ‘2008CLUSTER$’ has ‘Full Control’ permission to that computer object using the Active Directory Users and Computers tool.

During the installation the SQL Virtual Network Name failed to come online and hence the setup failed. We provided some permission in the AD for Cluster Computer name object over SQL Virtual Network Name so that SQL Virtual Network Name comes online on a cluster. Once we gave the permission we did not take chances in trying the installation once again ( to save time ), that’s when we create a client access point as below to make sure the SQL Virtual Network Name come online without any permissions issue because that is what SQL Server setup is going to do internally.

1. Add a New Client Access Point Resource.

a. For the Name enter the SQL Virtual Network Name you are going to use for SQL
b. For the IP enter the IP of the SQL Virtual instance you are going to use for SQL

2. Once it is Created you Must Bring it online.

If it fails with an error related to permissions. Then follow “Repair Active Directory object” from http://blogs.technet.com/b/askcore/archive/2009/04/27/recovering-a-deleted-cluster-name-object-cno-in-a-windows-server-2008-failover-cluster.aspx

By doing this you need not manually go to Active directory and provide permission to the SQL Server virtual server name. It will be taken care by the cluster

Computer name object that will reinforce the permissions that’s missing for SQL Virtual Network Name.

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